Tuesday, June 30, 2009

all aboard!

theme song- Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Marathoning- the triumph of desire over reason.

I imagine that running a marathon is a lot (on a much much smaller scale) like childbirth. I'm distanced enough from my first one to have slightly forgotten the moments that I wanted to kill myself and am instead left with the really awesome, tingly I just did that feeling shining much brighter. So with that skewed remembrance I am doing it. Again. My second marathon will be the White Rock Marathon in December.

I started a mileage build up to a formal 16 week training program that will start in August. I am going to wait to do the official sign up until then so I can make sure my joints are game for another six months of punishment. It does feel good to be running for a purpose again instead of just for vague goals like "lose weight" and "skinny jeans". I also like the structure of a training program and my new work schedule is, so far, much more conducive to running. I hope this continues to be the case once the mileage during the week builds up and once John moves up to Dallas.

I would be lying if I said I didn't have a goal time in mind. My goal for Houston was just to finish and I did do that but this time I hope to improve. I don't want to write my goal out yet because I am afraid it might be too ambitious but there is definitely a number floating around in my head. I am also excited about running in Dallas because it will be in my home city again and close enough for my good friends to come out and watch. So here's to jumping on this crazy train again!