Monday, September 21, 2009

1 day!

I get to try running again tomorrow! I'm really excited to get back out there but also nervous about re-injuring my shins. The plan for tomorrow is an easy (tentative) 30 minute run to see how it goes. I'm trying not to set any goals for tomorrow other than just listening to my body and obeying what it is trying to tell me. If it starts to hurt I will stop and (try to ) not be disappointed. I'm switching to a less intense training program and starting at the beginning instead of just picking up where I left off when I got hurt. I also plan on not running on consecutive days, using my compression sleeves, and continuing to ice my legs like a crazy person. Tonight I am relaxing, reading, and being cautiously optimistic about tomorrow. I really hope it goes well and am open to any and all suggestions from any runners out there!

As an aside, we went to happy hour for dinner tonight and I definitely ate something called "the big, fat frank". I didn't even come close to eating it all but felt like if I had, I should have earned a t-shirt and a picture on the wall. It was that good...and that disgusting : )

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