Sunday, January 31, 2010

easy like Sunday morning

This has been an awesome weekend. We started off with a run at the gym on Friday after work. It was my first time to run last week and I really needed it. After all the happy hours and nights with friends I actually felt like my body was begging me to please do something active. The run was pretty rough- my foot hurt through the first half hour and my legs felt heavy and slow. I kept plugging on and after the half hour mark I felt better. I ended up running a little over 5 miles and though the majority of it wasn't fun, it felt good to sweat again. We headed over to our good friend's house on Friday and had a ton of fun with Rock Band and far too much vodka. I woke up late on Saturday and spent the day shopping with Meg. I got some awesome cheap accessories at Sam Moon and a dog bed for Shine. We're working on trying to get him out of our bed so he needs some new accommodations. We took it easy last night and did some reading.

We woke up earlier than usual today and went to the early service at church. (And by early, I mean 9:45.) We did some grocery shopping afterwards and then came home to a mountain of chores. John has done countless loads of laundry and vacuumed and I cleaned the kitchen (including the inside of the fridge!) and did dishes. I also so threw this amazing piece of goodness in the crockpot and made some cookies for the week.

While the roast was cooking we headed to the gym for some more running. The treadmills were full when we got there so I did a 2 mile warm up on the bike until one freed up. This run was a complete 180 from the run on Friday. I felt great the whole time and was really enjoying the exercise (I think this is doubly impressive considering I was on a treadmill). I did a good 7 miles and felt strong and happy at the end. I wish all runs could feel this rewarding and effortless but I guess you have to have the crappy ones to fully appreciate the awesome runs.

I'm still not 100% decided about what I will do about the Cowtown. A lot of it will depend on if John wants to do the half and wants me to run with him. Hopefully I will make a firm decision in the next few days. As for now, I'm going to finish folding up some laundry and read 2 chapters from CPHON for my study group on Tuesday. Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

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Jen said...

Awesome! Nice job on the 5 miles!